Looking relaxed and cheerful – the „aesthetic hypothesis”

According to the ‘aesthetic hypothesis’, also known as ‘facial feedback theory’, there is a correlation between the well-being and the attractiveness of people. You can really see and feel the ‘upward spiral’.

Relaxation makes us look better. After that, we feel better when we look good. Following that, we are happy and relax even more…

The effect of the mechanism is so tremendous and deep that psychiatrists at the university of Bern analyze the effect of Botox as part of a anti depression therapy in long-term study. The interim results are astonishing.

We have our own set of tools to be part of this spiral.

I explained to you the importance of sleep in the February news. Sleeping is the foundation for a healthy and carefree appearance.

Furthermore, specific care at home is an important part of it, especially if has a pampering side effect.

A treatment with aesthetic medicine and cosmetics can cushion anything you cannot do in your daily life -  including Botox.

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Beauty sleep: Myth or fact?

Good news first: Beauty sleep does in fact exist!

You can increase the effectiveness of your skin care significantly simply by sleeping. Sleep is downright boosting the treatment.

Sleep doctors now found a logical explanation for this almost old fashioned “folk wisdom”. While sleeping the growth hormone (somatotropin) is produced, which helps the body and especially the skin, to regenerate. Combined with the physical rest the sleeping period offers your skin the largest blood supply compared to any other time of day. Your skin is literary “recharging”.

Why am I telling you this in February?

Use the remaining time of the year with fewer light hours before spring and summer comes and the days will be getting longer again. For a recreative and deep sleep another hormone is necessary: Melatonin. It regulates the sleep-wake cycle and is produced in larger amounts at darkness.

In January you learned about the “the skin biome – the world on us”. The title for February may as well be called “sleep hormones – the world inside of us”.

Either way, you see the most important natural cosmetic is already with us. All we must do is care for it…

Have fun!

The skin biome – The world on us

The micro biome is all the micro organisms, which live on our body, combined. It is way superior in quantity and diversity than ourselves. Even on our skin the number of unicellular organisms is 10 times higher than all our own skin cells. That is impressive since our skin is already the largest organ of our body with a size of around 1.8 square meters. The skin is the interface between body and environment. Therefore, it is very important to have a functioning teamwork between skin biome and skin cells for our health AND ALSO for a healthy appearance.

On the one hand, wrong mission statements for hygiene and on the other hand, the uncritical use of digital media cause significant damage to the skin biome. Acne as an adult, rosacea, eczemas, atopy, psoriasis, and a massive increase of allergic reactions are the result.

What can you do? A few simple tips show great results…

Use mild cleaning agents.

If you do peeling, then do enzyme-based peeling and no scrub-peelings.

Restore the protective acid mantle with toner after cleaning.

If possible, avoid disinfectants!

Make use of individually matched care products.

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Dry facial masks

Dry facial masks are ideal for "by the way" care at home. They adhere perfectly with their gel-coated side and provide your skin with active substances. During the exposure time you can rest, or do paperwork, or relax reading a book, watching TV, talking on the phone...

Compared to cream facial masks, dry facial masks have a decisive advantage: the purely mechanical effect enhances
the firming effect of the applied facial mask through tension.
HAUTPFLEGE recommends the A Classic Hydrogel Face Mask.
You are welcome to ask for personalized recommendations under "Contact" and receive the mask - also as individual item.